A Scalable, Powerful, Web-based
Digital Signage Software Solution
DigitalWall is a modern cloud-based digital signage software, with easy-to-use interface
and enterprise-class features that broadcasts digital content to your
displays located at multiple geo-locations in one go!

For Advertising Networks

Digital Out of Home

If you are an Advertising Agency with displays located at multiple locations, our DigitalWall Ad Network Solution can help you view, monitor, simplify your ads & maximise the ROI...

For Businesses

Smart Digital Signage

If you are a Brand with chain of stores or franchises, our digital signage solution offers a one-stop solution to help manage & deliver your digital content to all your displays installed at various stores...


Platform packed with & rich 'in-built' features & endless cloud capabilities


Get a comprehensive view of all your displays at 'real-time' - easily track their online status & content being displayed.


Our platform supports a wide variety of image and video formats to broadcast your digital content with ease.


Our easy-to-use interface lets you customise landscape or portrait template of multiple zones with your own logo & branding needs.


DigitalWall simplifies the process of creating and sharing dynamic content through our wide range of 'in-built' widget library.


DigitalWall is built to blend seamlessly all your timelines with animations, entry timings, duration, transitions, preview & auto scheduling before broadcasting.


Our multi-screen support feature enable to easily create digital signage playlists, schedule them to play and send them to one or a group of displays; ensuring complete control.


Our interface offers comprehensive Analytics to help you make informed decisions. Every time a content is published, it is time stamped along with appropriate device data/meta data.


DigitalWall supports a wide range of hardware, devices & networks to give unmatched flexibility, create & broadcast amazing digital signage content with true freedom.


We value your time! Our template library offers a great starting point to create fresh & engaging campaigns from our pre-designed template library and easily edit via. drag and drop feature.


Create a great looking display in minutes


Add a screen

Add single or Multiple digital screens through our user-friendly interface.


Create a campaign

Choose your layout and upload the digital content to be broadcasted.


Start broadcasting

Schedule and deploy your campaign with a single click.


We understand your
Digital Signage needs


Our effective content management software enables to deliver impactful content and reach to right customer at the right time, influencing your customers purchasing decision.


Shopping malls can leverage the power of our dynamic DigitalWall solution to provide entertaining & exciting content, improving the way you reach your shoppers.


Hospitals can leverage DigitalWall to improve patient engagement, token generation, operational efficiency, way-finding and broadcast important information, at any time of the day or night.


Dynamic Digital Menu boards are more powerful & impactful than static ones. Menus are fully customisable to your branding needs, thus enhancing the dining experience of customers.


Leverage on the impact of hospitality signage on the guest in lobbies or common area with helpful info such as - tourist information, latest news, local events, special deals, promotions and much more.


Digital signage in gyms and fitness studios help to promote gym services, display training videos, health tips, sports news, and class schedules thereby increasing membership sales.


DigitalWall is a perfect fit for Government/Corporate office networks in sharing important internal announcements & promoting better employee engagement.


Digital Signage in Educational Instituions can be used as effective communication tool for students and staff. Say good bye to the traditional bulletein/notice boards.


Automobile showrooms & service centres can install digital displays and broadcast useful information / videos with the help of DigitalWall.


Leveraging on DigitalWall, Multiplexes can showcase upcoming movie schedules, trailers, and special offers onto the displays installed on their premises.


All the relevant & important Public transportation info like Arrivals, departures, delays & other passenger relevant info can swiftly displayed onto the installed digital displays with DigitalWall.


DigitalWall can help both In-Store & Out of Home Advertising Networks to broadcast their Ads across multiple displays located at different geo-locations.

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Works seamlessly
across a wide range of Hardware


The results speak for themselves

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